Join us in St. Andrews for the 150th British Open Golf Championship played over famous Old Course. In what is sure to be a historic Open with record crowds, where the world’s finest golfers will descend on St. Andrews in an effort to capture the claret jug.

The weakest part of most golfers’ bodies is the part they need most: the core. Without strong, pliable muscles in your stomach, hips, butt and lower back, you can’t make a golf swing that is both powerful and technically sound, If you really want to step up your game, consider running with ankle weights to make your body stronger and raise the resistance of your body.

With over twenty five properties to choose from most of people ask themselves  where to start, our superb and exciting range of self-catering holiday homes are situated mostly in St. Andrews with just a few in the surrounding area . They range in size from one bedroom apartments to large houses that can hold up to twelve guests. Prices vary greatly between the properties depending on location and size, so please have a look and get to us, if you have any queries.

Our prices are based on a seven night stay arriving on Monday the 12th of July and departing on Monday the 19th of July. Additional nights around these dates can be booked at a discounted rate from our normal summer rates.

Booking terms and conditions are slightly different from our normal t&c’s and can be viewed at the bottom of the page.

Properties Available

Property Sleeps Price URL
Century Court, St. Andrews 4 £12,000 Visit
Pilmour Apartment, St. Andrews 4 £12,000 Visit
Auld Lang Syne, St. Andrews 12 £20,000 Visit
Baker Lane, St. Andrews 2 £3,000 Visit
Bell Rock Cottage, Balmashie 4 £1,500 Visit
Bobby Jones Place, St. Andrews 6 £3,000 Visit
Carron Place, St. Andrews 5 £3,000 Visit
Claremont Lodge, St. Andrews 7 £12,000 Visit
Fairway House, St. Andrews 6 £4,000 Visit
Fleming Place, St. Andrews 2 £2,000 Visit
Hamnavoe Cottage, Lucklawhill 4 £1,250 Visit
Hastie, St. Andrews 4 £10,000 Visit
Little Gladsmuir, St. Andrews 2 £2,500 Visit
Murray Park Apartment 4 £12,000 Visit
Number 37, St. Andrew 4 £3,500 Visit
Number Ten, St. Andrews 5 £3,500 Visit
Sandyhill Cottage, St. Andrews 6 £3,000 Visit
The Dormie, St. Andrews 4 £6,000 Visit
The Featherie, St. Andrews 8 £20,000 Visit
Orchard Cottage, St Andrews 6 £8,500 Visit